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  • Year-Round Local Produce Supply

    • Fresh, local produce grown all year long!

    • Contact us to learn more about our offerings and how we can meet your business needs.  

  • Farm Setup & Management

    • Custom Bids & Builds 

    • Farm Construction & Management Services

    • Farm & Garden Design

  • Community Education Services

    • Experiential Learning Sites

    • Community Service Site

    • Service-Learning Site

  • Monthly & Weekly CSA Packages 

​Urban Agriculture sites offer great places for people to gather!

Whether you'd like to coordinate a tour of an indoor grow facility, are planning a community event, or are looking to host your next team meeting or lunch in the community, we encourage you to reach out today and to take event of our event spaces and services. 

Need Event Space?  

  • Indoor and Outdoor Event Spaces

  • Email for more information about event services and pricing. 

The GreenCubator  @ 1124 Lumiere 

  • Indoor Agriculture Production Space

  • Business Incubation & Support

  • Distribution & Food Hub


Old North Provisions | Old North STL

  • Grocery Store & Essential Home Goods

  • Catering, Event Space, & Community Hangout​

  • Fresh, Locally Grown Food Products

  • Offering Old North St. Louis healthy food access through our grocery and dining services, while also offering a space for community interaction. 

Events, Tours & Meetings...
Good Life Growing Sites

Community Engagement & Urban Agriculture

We invite you to help support us in our battle against food insecurity by getting involved! Whether you need volunteer hours, would like to learn more about urban farming, need a service site for your group, or just want to learn more about our grow methods, Good Life Growing wants to help you achieve those goals. We support an array of local programs, volunteer groups, and community engagement efforts that connect local community members to urban agriculture, for example

  • Community Service Federal Work Study Site (check your university)

  • Service-Learning or Community Based Research Projects & Requirements

  • Community Events & Volunteer Group Site 

  • Volunteer-Based Internship Opportunities 

  • One-time and On-going Volunteer Site

  • Immersion, Mission Trip, or Research Groups

  • Community Education Support for Local Programs

If you would like more information, have a question, or want to learn more about how you can get involved contact us at

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Our mission is to address local food insecurity and revive blighted properties through the use of urban agriculture tools and the application of sustainability principles. With our grass-roots, collaborative approach, we facilitate local volunteerism to create awareness for and address a basic communal need: access to healthy food in the St. Louis urban core. 

We seek to increase food access through affordable farming methods like hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic grow systems, and other organic grow methods. These systems enable us to offer quality food year-round while increasing healthy food access in the area; this model enables us to target the areas hardest hit by the manufacturing base fall-out, disinvestment, and significant urban sprawl that began in the 1960s, both locally and nationally. 

We are committed to offering our fellow St. Louis community members a role in crafting the vision for how our city will become an exemplary, sustainable, 21st century global city. We hope to fuel collaborations that harness the wealth of knowledge and technology at our disposal today to not only spur a vibrant, strategically important urban agriculture hub but also fuel a "development renaissance" for our region, making St.Louis the "Gateway City" to a new, exciting frontier where development is done for and with local residents. We are farmers, researchers, advocates, & community-based developers promoting sustainability and regional collaborations for an efficient St. Louis region. This dream requires welcome, vocal involvement from all members of our greater urban area.

If you are interested in our work and would like to learn more, don't hesitate to contact us! We are always open to networking & collaborating with like-minded individuals or organizations committed to positive social change in our region!


Good Life Growing is an urban farming company that relys on Aquaponic, Hydroponic, Aeroponic, and other organic farming methods in order to produce quality, local food all year round. Our social enterprise is proud to be a community-based organization that is focused on combating urban decay and food insecurity in North St. Louis, starting at our home site at 4057 Evans Ave, St. Louis MO, 63113. We are proud to serve our local community members! 

Urban Agriculture 
Benefits & Uses

  • Year-Round Produce & Food Supply

  • Supports Local Food Systems

  • Provides Alternative Land Uses for Vacancies

  • Garden Setup & Management

  • Farm Setup & Management

  • Urban Agriculture Gardens  

  • Monthly & Weekly CSA Packages 

  • Composting Services 

  • Weekly Farmers Market 

  • Community Education 

  • Community Service Sites

  • Experiential Learning

  • Local Food Hubs 

  • Food Policy Advocacy 

  • Connecting Urban & Rural Growers


Urban Farming Services
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