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Our Good Life Growing Team

Promoting Community-Driven Urban Renewal and Health Through Urban Agriculture: 

Good Life Growing isn't your typical business; in fact, we see ourselves more of your neighbor than anything else. Because our mission is to address food insecurity as a successful Social Enterprise, it provides for unique opportunities that not only benefit our business but also our neighbors, local residents, and supporters. 


Good Life Growing's team is always sensitive to the role we recognize we play in the community, both economically and socially. We look forward to engaging all our local community members in partnership for a sustainable St. Louis and a vibrant urban region.

Our services and products rely on hydroponic, aquaponic, aeroponic, and other organic grow methods that will help feed increasingly urbanized populations which challenges how we conceptualize and design food systems in the 21st Century. We hope to spur not only innovation in our field but in our home city in general, addressing social ills but also helping redefine how we approach urban living, public health, and the best ways to propel our economy forward in a sustainable manner for generations to come.


Do you believe it is time for St. Louis to become America's Gateway City again?
We do. 




About Good Life Growing 

Our Good Life Growing team uses a social enterprise model: we are committed to having a local impact while actively creating local opportunities for current residents to develop the skills necessary to enter the growing urban agriculture industry. We are located northwest of St. Louis University in the City of St. Louis, MO. At Good Life Growing we use hydroponic, aquaponic, aeroponic, and other organic growth methods to power our diverse production options, both in indoor and outdoor settings.
Good Life Growing has a mission that is rooted in promoting grass-roots community change in order to aid local communities combating food insecurity, large scale land vacancies, and poor food access--to name a few concerns for at-risk communities.

We offer a wide array of food services that seek to provide quality, accessible produce on a year-round basis. We are committed to hearing our local community member's goals, and all are welcome to learn more, especially if you would like to volunteer!

We are committed to a healthy community with access to quality food across the entire St. Louis region; and, most of all, we are committed to a vibrant, sustainable City of St. Louis. For information on how to support our efforts, we encourage you to contact us at, or please feel free to contact one of our company officers.
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