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Good Life Growing 
Growth + Community + Sustainability

The Good Life Growing Story


Our organization is focused on using urban agriculture and advanced agricultural developments in order to battler urban decay and local food insecurity. We are committed to developing urban agriculture and promoting its economic and communal benefits. We welcome and look forward to collaborating with local residents, organizations, and policy-makers that are also excited about how this growing industry can positively impact St. Louis city communities.

Our primary purpose and mission is to create a successful urban agriculture development model that also functions as a true civic and communal partner with local residents for broader revitalization goals. Our primary indoor farm is located at 1124 Lumiere Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63106 in north St. Louis, which will continue to be the focal point of our operations, especially as we hope to contribute to the local urban agriculture movement, indoor soilless agriculture practices and methods, and local food production to better meets the needs of local residents. 

If you are ever interested in visiting, volunteering, donating time, services, or resources, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Qualtiy, Year-Round Food Access
How Does Healthy Food Access Benefit You?


Stimulates Digestive Wellness

Mitigates Food Allergies & Intolerance

Enables Healthy Cooking / Meal Planning

Provides the Nutrients For Diet & Detoxification Goals

Provides Foods A Part Of Popular "Elimination Diets"

Provides Essential Vitamins for a Healthy Body & Mind


  Urban Agriculture Services   

  • Year-Round Local Produce Supply

    • We grow fresh, local produce all year long!

    • Contact us to learn more about our offerings and how we can meet your business needs.  

  • Farm Setup & Management

    • Custom Bids & Builds 

    • Consulting & Educational Services​

  • Monthly & Weekly CSA Packages 

    • Memberships are now available on a monthly and weekly basis. ​Contact us at to get connected! 

  • Community Education Services

    • Experiential Learning Sites

    • Community Service Site

    • Service-Learning Site

  • Old North Provisions

    • Grocery, Dining, & Event Space​

    • Fresh, Locally Grown Food Products

    • Offering Old North St. Louis healthy food access through our grocery and dining services, while also offering event space for community interaction. Contact us to request more information! 

For information on pricing, services, or sales contact please send your inquiry to

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